My site is in French and in English.

My WHY is to inspire a great and healthy lifestyle, so that people can wake up everyday living their life to the fullest.

I belive a great and healthy lifestyle is through constant improving three aspects of our lives, which is: Emotionally, spiritually and physically. In the present world where the influences of technology and society has confined and diminishes these three qualities, it is essential now more than ever for us to make it our obligation, duty and resposibility to reclaim what belongs to us. By tapping into our self-awareness to realizing our strengths, the power to assume, to work on ourselves and to evolve spiritually, I believe will be the start of an incredible life and the road ahead is very much possible

53 year old sommelier living in Norway who loves life, nature and people.

My Jczen site responds to this permanent challenge by publishing articles to reach this new road :

In this blog, I will share with you my life-long experiences and my views on different topics to enhance the three aspects: spiritual, emotional and health.

My services :

  • Lectures on different themes: How to consume alcohol without having a problem? How to change your life through chakra and meditation? Sexuality.
  • A photo reading to help you evolve, I am very empathetic.
  • Magnetism: for people who want to work on their energy. I can also relieve them of certain pains.

Jczen on youtube : in french for the moment.