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In these days of confinement, here are 8 wines that I recommend to Vinmonopolet. Click on the colored words to get the links of vinmonopolet.

First of all, I am the head sommelier of a restaurant in Oslo, the Xich lo. Secondly, I am an expert in organic and natural wines. But good natural wines.

3 stores are interesting to visit: Therese gate, Grønnaluka and Oslo steen and strøm. Oslo city has changed a lot, a lot less industrial products. 5 years ago, natural wine in this store did not exist. The wines I propose, you can find them in Oslo easily without ordering.



One of the best natural sparkling wines is Bulles natures des grandes vignes (Loire between Angers and Cholet). Without sulfur in biodynamic demeter. The rosé is juicy with fruit, dry and a little fruity. The nose is wild due to the self-protection of indigenous yeasts. The white wine from the Chenin grape is complex and mineral. It is more for a meal...

The rosé :

I have another virus to propose to you: the coral of Raimond de villeneuve (Côtes de provence).

Salmon orange in color, fresh, light dry with a complex retro-olfaction, this biodynamic rosé is one of the few using indigenous yeasts and no inputs to lighten the color of the wine. A wine for the terrace, for parties with friends, for grilling.

White people:

a light dry and mineral white wine: Amphibolite by Jo Landron. I have known it for 25 years, the other vintages are more powerful. A wine for aperitifs or starters. Biodynamic, indigenous yeasts and just a little sulfur.

A dry wine, complex, semi-powerful and long in the mouth. La Varenne du Poirier chenin blanc de Loire. Sulfur free biodynamic demeter, indigenous yeast.

A real complex, chiseled and mineral Chablis made with organic and indigenous yeasts : Thomas Picot

Red wines :

The light, easy-to-drink wine: Groslot des grandes vignes no sulfur, indigenous yeast, demeter.

A more powerful wine with fine tannins: Syrah from Hervé Souhault. At the beginning, it will be light with gas, I advise you to open it one hour in advance and why not to decant it, it will be more powerful.

These wines do not hurt the head and should be drunk and enjoyed in moderation.

For more tips: jczen1@yahoo.fr


Jean Charles Botte

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