Alcohol: "Subtle thing in Arabic." According to the legend, the Arabs used alcohol to prevent water from stagnating during water from stagnating during sea crossings.

Currently, nothing is subtle in spirits above 16°C, I often sense the decadence of a I often sense the decadence of a standard chemical surplus. Only only organic fruit brandies or artisanal organic wines revive my curiosity curiosity about the aromatic quintessence. They loosen up your stomach your stomach after a heavy meal. Isn't that their real their true role?


Alcoholism is an evil, prevention is essential and wine can be the hero. Wine education, either with alcoholologists, as in Rennes a few years ago, or Sup de Coteaux defending good drinking among students (newspaper l'Expansion-France - July 2010), in my opinion, brings a real respect for wine and oneself.

The life offers us the possibility of tasting the carnal pleasure of Bacchus Bacchus: our unconscious greed for alcohol must be curtailed through be curtailed through this education.

A example from our cousins in Quebec:

"The Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) founded Educ'alcool, an agency agency to promote responsible drinking... Unlike in France, no one in Quebec unlike what happens in France, no one in Quebec says or thinks that nor thinks that this organization whose motto is "moderation is much better" is sold to the wine and alcohol lobbies. liquor lobby. Quebecers drink more often than other Canadians Canadians, but they get drunk less often. (Source: (43)

Critics often talk about alcohol lobbying. Seeing and listening to the advertising of certain soft drinks during the World Cup, don't you think that the lobbying of soft drinks is much more powerful than that of alcohol? In France, the country of gastronomy, the main sponsors of the European football championship were Mac-donald and Coca-Cola: a shame....

Extract from the little dictionary of natural wine

" The future is our children, let's educate them for a responsible alcohol consumption. Wine is an essential asset for a responsible education. Let's learn to drink while eating..." Jczen April 2019


"Alcohol consumption in the world:

The types of alcoholic beverages consumed worldwide are :

  • Spirits in 45% of cases (20% for France);
  • Beer in 34% of cases (19% for France) for France);
  • Wine in 12% of cases (59% for France).

On average, a drinker consumes 33 grams of pure alcohol per day, equivalent to two glasses of wine, a large bottle of beer (750 ml) or two glasses of spirits (hard liquor).

According to the most recent WHO report, covering 2016 global on global alcohol consumption in 2016, 3 million people died from alcohol million people died as a result of alcohol abuse. alcohol abuse.


This represents one in 20 deaths worldwide and more than 75% of these deaths are in men. of these deaths are among men. The most affected are young adults adults aged 20-29 (13.5% of deaths).

Alcohol abuse and dependence cause multiple disorders such as violence violence, trauma, physical health problems (cirrhosis, cancers, liver steatosis, accidents) physical health problems (cirrhosis, cancers, fatty liver, strokes, diabetes) stroke, diabetes) and mental disorders (severe depression, anxiety, neurological (severe depression, anxiety, neurodegenerative diseases)

Even though alcohol killed 3.3 million people in 2012, which is 10% more than in 2016, "it is time to take stronger action to counter this serious threat to the development of healthy societies," according to societies," according to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director Director-General of WHO.


Of these 3 million deaths, there are :

  • 28% trauma (road accidents, violence, suicide);
  • 21% to pathologies affecting the digestive system;
  • 19% to cardiovascular disease;
  • 32% related to infectious diseases, cancers, mental disorders or other conditions. " 


Jean Charles Botte

"Life has been given to us, our duty is to respect this gift and to be aware that we have responsibilities: not to poison ourselves, not to poison others and to respect all living things. JCzen Living in Norway, trained as a sommelier and cook, my philosophy is to love life. I have been writing about wine for 20 years, about life, about wellness. I am very happy when I receive messages of thanks like this one "Your site helps me a lot". My site does not make me money but if it helps people: I am very happy. I can tell you that daily meditation has changed my life; why not you?

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