The 7 chakras

In Sanskrit, chakra means "wheel".

These "antennas" of our body are spiritual doors and receivers of the law of attraction. According to our affects, they open or close.

They are important to our lives. It is a primary barometer of our "present". Our life is the present, and of course the past and the future make up our existence. Living in the "present" and not spreading ourselves too thin are fundamental, necessary and influential values for a stable and balanced life.

Invisible to the naked eye, the present society and the Western religions omit athem – I always ask me why. On the other hand, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, Reiki recognises them.

They are distributed in the axis of the body. The colors of the rainbow are assigned to them.

The following is taken from a videoconference by Jean-Michel Homo: www.coachspirituels.jimdo.com.

Simple, precise and concise, Mr. Homo does not impose his doctrine on you, but presents his passion, this different path that is life with the chakras.




Root Rotchakraet Mūlādhāra

It is located between the anus and the perineum ofof the person.

The mantra is "lam".

On the organic level, it manages the mineral balance, the skeleton, the joints and the teeth. It plays a role in blood balance.

Psychologically: security and confidence.

On the energetic level: the earth and our mother.

The corresponding sense is the olfactory sense.

On a spiritual level, it is the seat of the kundalini energy.

It allows to concretize our projects on the physical level (chakra of manifestation).

The stones that support this chakra are red jasper and black tourmaline.

Sacred Chakra : Harachakraet (Magechakraet) Svādhisthāna

It is the emotional and the sexual.

It is located 3 finger widths below the navel.

The corresponding mantra is "vam".

It manages the assimilation of food and the balance of the intestinal flora.

It manages the kidneys, the bladder and the reproductive system.

The corresponding sense organ is taste. It is related to creativity, the taste for beauty and aesthetics. It manages sexuality and sensuality. The dance allows the free circulation of energies. The search for pleasure and enjoyment in all its forms is related to this chakra.
It is in relation with the basic emotions, as well as the fear as the desire to possess.

People who live life to the fullest have a large, bright orange chakra.

On the other hand, a person in depression may have a very small sacral chakra.

The minerals corresponding to this chakra are moonstone and carnelian.

Solar plexus: Solarpleksuschakraet Manipūra

It is located in the pit of the stomach and manages the liver, pancreas and spleen.

The corresponding mantra is "ram".

The organ of the senses is the vision.

Many liver disorders affect vision.

On the psychological level: it is in this chakra that we accumulate our anger, our personal freedom, our anxiety.

A person with a strong solar plexus provides great strength of will.

It also generates a protective shell around the body of our aura...

If it is deficient, we become impregnated with the negative energies of our environment.

If it is powerful, it gives us a lot of influence on others, it allows us to feel the atmosphere.

The beneficial stones: the eye of the tiger and the citrine.


Heart chakra: Hjartechakraet Anāhata

It is located in the center of the chest between the two nipples.

The corresponding mantra is "yam".

It manages the heart muscle, the lungs, the breathing.

The organ of the senses is touch.

On the psychological level: the chakra of ourselves and others, it is the chakra of feeling, love and friendship. It is in this chakra that we accumulate our sorrows, our remorse and our regrets. A well opened heart chakra gives us altruism, service and compassion.

On the parapsychological level, it manages the areas of benevolence that can be a source of healing for others, through healing by laying on of hands, for example.

If our heart chakra is filled with sadness and grief, it can affect our breathing and lungs and cause circulatory problems.

A stressed heart chakra can lead to heart and blood circulation problems.

Throat chakra: Halschakraet Viśuddha

It is located in front of the neck.

Its mantra is "ham."

It manages the thyroid gland, the esophagus and the back of the throat.

The organ of the senses is hearing, it is closely related to physical and psychological hearing. Indeed, it is the chakra of communication, self-expression and creativity. We accumulate our unspoken words in this chakra.

A large accumulation at this level can bring disorders of the throat and thyroid gland.

If it is well opened, it provides a good faculty of self-expression through speech, but also on the artistic and intellectual level.

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The3rd eye chakra: Pinealchakraet (Det tredje auget) Ājñā

It is in the space between the two eyebrows.

The corresponding mantra is "om".

It corresponds to our brain and our nervous system in general, it manages the pineal gland (or epiphysis), there is no sense organ that corresponds to it, but only a psychic perception, it is called the 6th sense, that is to say the intuition and the imagined flashes of clairvoyance.

On the psychological level, it is the chakra of self-control and of one's life in general. To govern is to foresee, thanks to it, we live situations with detachment. We see things from above, if our mind is too strong, it can block the intuitions of the chakra.

It is related to the spiritual light, which allows us to appreciate situations and beings with clairvoyance.

The beneficial stones are lapis lazuli and rock crystal.

The coronal or crown chakra: Kronechakraet Sahasrāra

It is located at the top of the head.

The corresponding mantra is "so ham".

It corresponds to the pituitary gland and the brain.

On the psychological level, it gives us the right behavior with the authority, it is the link with what represents for us the father. We accumulate there our angers and our claims towards the authority.

A strong coronal chakra gives us a sense of unity and ecology that goes without saying.

If it is well opened, it allows us to receive inspirations on the spiritual level.

If it is deficient, we are cut off from the spiritual planes, we have the feeling of wandering aimlessly through life.

Drugs have a disastrous effect on this chakra, isolating the addict from his constructive environment.

A well awakened coronal chakra allows you to feel others: empathy and a feeling of universal love that expects nothing in return.

The beneficial stones: amethyst and diamond.


My opinion:

The chakras work together in the body, in subtlety and complexity. They defy all knowledge, beliefs and convictions. Fears, remorse, accidents in life, drugs and other external disturbances destabilize them and throw the person off balance. For example: a person addicted to gambling will have his chakras out of alignment.

Root represents the place where everything begins for man. His enjoyment, his seed, his confidence can anchor him or not, depending on his actions and his will.

For the woman: the life wanted or not, conscious or not, comes out of the vagina. It will be anchored or not, according to her inner strength and her capacity of understanding. The root is life above all. Being uprooted is very destabilizing for the human being.

It is connected to the cranium chakra. The one does not go without the other, reflect to stabilize well.

The sacred chakra, this name is disturbing, while sex is taboo and only reproductive for some, it is associated with taste. I have since wondered about education in our society that banishes it and offers us Coca-Cola and junk food. "The ancients" - those who founded our civilization - certainly advocated a primordial sexuality giving meaning to life, pleasure, taste and the joy of living. The taste of life is fundamental. From experience, people who love taste love sexuality and a practice that gives others seventh heaven. I don't dare to imagine the sexuality of consumers drinking Coca-Cola over a hamburger.

The aura, the centerpiece of the personality. It can be extra- or introverted, depending on the wounds and the highlights of our youth. Do we not also say that we have a stomach to support certain painful or serious events in our lives?

The heart chakra would be the chakra of the power of healing with the hands. Isn't this skill a gift of self to others? It is normal, it comes from the heart.

Throat chakra:

Doesn't it make our throat feel tight when we don't say things? Secondly, listening to others is a respectable image of oneself. Our ego, our arrogance, is something we lack in our youth.
This chakra is linked to the aura. When you listen, your soul comes out great.

The3rd eye:

The legend of the clairvoyant. We have all met a dishonest person who was favored by all, but our intuition or 6th sense saved us from it.

This chakra of spirituality is linked to the chakra of the sacred. When we have an orgasm or when we meditate, we release the same hormone in the brain.

The skull is linked to the root, one cannot go without the other. To have the head on the shoulders to be well rooted. I started using this verb when I met the chakras.

JCzen May 2018

Last note February 2020:

Chakra imbalance:

Fears, emotional shocks, stress, and violence unbalance the stability of the chakras that directly influence our behavior. I often compare our body to an electronic machine that sends out "electric shocks". These cause bodily consequences invisible to the naked eye: they close or open the chakras . This also affects your aura, which give a bad or good vibration. This connection between your chakras and your aura is called attraction. It can be a good or a bad attraction depending on the opening or closing of your chakras. An imbalance of your chakras causes a bad vibration and automatically disorganizes your life. On the contrary, a balance of your chakras guides an elaborate life of success and beautiful encounters. How to readjust your chakras: meditation.

When you begin meditation:

  • the chakras hurt: it's normal. You are starting to "clean" your chakras.

Experience: When the root chakra is out of balance, doubt and fear set in. The reactions are different for each person. For some, it will be exclusion with a risk of addiction to drugs or alcohol, or for others, violence in words. The second example is my case. Take the example of a wounded animal: it will attack you because it is afraid. It is the same principle. A few weeks ago, a dream upset me. In my synthesis, I had to annihilate my fears. It was my fears that were holding me back.

What to do if you are in the same case?

The root chakra must be rebalanced through guided meditation. In short, you visualize your feet seeking the Energy in the core of the earth. And you strengthen your chakra. The mantra, "I am" said several times, strengthens your security and confidence.

The reaction was immediate after the session: direction toilet. It's a typical cleaning reaction. Since then, serenity and calm came back. The specter of fear is gone. Unbelievable.


Jean Charles Botte

"Life has been given to us, our duty is to respect this gift and to be aware that we have responsibilities: not to poison ourselves, not to poison others and to respect all living things. JCzen Living in Norway, trained as a sommelier and cook, my philosophy is to love life. I have been writing about wine for 20 years, about life, about wellness. I am very happy when I receive messages of thanks like this one "Your site helps me a lot". My site does not make me money but if it helps people: I am very happy. I can tell you that daily meditation has changed my life; why not you?

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