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In this section, my research comes from two serious websites https://www.planetoscope.com and www.quechoisir.org

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The beer production in Europe

41 billion litres of beer are produced in the in the European Union each year (2017), equivalent to equivalent to 1300 litres per second and 81 litres per per capita.

The top three beer producing countries in Europe are Germany, the UK and Poland.

Who are the largest beer producers in Europe?

Norwegian Telemark beers, the gose looks like the gueuse.

Germany is by far the largest European beer largest European beer producer with 20% of the total (8.1 (8.1 billion litres in 2017) ahead of the UK (5.6 billion litres), Poland (4 billion) Poland (4 billion), the Netherlands (3.9 billion), Spain (3.6 billion) Spain (3.6 billion) and Belgium (2.4 billion). (Source: Eurostat)

Beer production in France

France is the seventh largest beer producer in in Europe with 2 billion litres, ahead of the Czech Republic Republic (1.8 billion).

Asia consumes 38% of the world's beer (782 million hectolitres), followed by America (28.4%, 578 million hectolitres), Europe (26.4%, 526 million) and Africa (6.1%, 124 million).

The largest consumer of beer in the world is :

Ireland with 155 litres per year per capita

Germany is second with 119 litres per year per capita

Norway and Sweden are tied for 14th place with 56 litres per year per capita

France is 17th with 41 litres per year per inhabitant


2 Types of beers :

Pipi Industrial, which is drunk to soothe oneself and which is unfit for my consumption. "Films, soccer, beer and, above all, gambling, formed their whole horizon and filled their minds. Keeping them under control was not difficult" George Orwell 1984. This sentence applies well to this beer I feel in this kind of beer chemicals, yeastiness and emptiness of complexity that disinterested my brain. It represents 99 ¨% of the production in the world.

The artisanal Without yeast, in organic with a beautiful complexity. It quenches your thirst, or it offers you a complexity of flavors attractive for your taste buds but also for your brain. The aromas change all the time, a delight.

"In France, in the 1980s, there were only about thirty production sites in France. Today, three major groups dominate the world of beer: the Belgian-Brazilian AB InBev (Hoegaarden, Leffe, Stella Artois, Corona ...), the Dutch Heineken (Heineken, Pelforth, Desperados, Fischer ...) and the Danish Carlsberg (Kronenbourg, 1664, Grimbergen, Guinness ...). With a dozen sites in France, they control about 92% of the national brewing activity. Faced with these behemoths, " there are now nearly 1,300 independent production sites spread throughout the territory "UFC QUE CHOISIR 22 06 2018


Why Pils ?

"Also called pilsen, from the German name of the Czech city of Plzen where this recipe was born in 1842, these are clear, blonde beers, resulting from a low fermentation and generally low in alcohol.


The top-fermented beers contained more hops, which have natural preservative properties, to ensure that they can withstand transport. Hops also provide characteristic aroma and bitterness.


There are three types of beer depending on the working conditions of the yeast: bottom fermentation (e.g. lagers) takes place between 5°C and 14°C for 5 to 14 days. Top fermentation (ales, IPAs, porters, etc.) between 15°C and 24°C for 2 to 6 days. Spontaneous fermentation (lambics), resulting from the work of wild yeasts in the ambient air, which seed the wort. The beers are aged in barrels for one to three years.


Can you drink beer with food?

It is your choice, you have the right....But the best with food is water or wine....

Glyphosate: beers are not spared

"A study by our Swiss colleagues from FRC Mieux Choisir published in June pinpoints the presence of glyphosate in craft beers brewed in Switzerland. In February, a German NGO already denounced the presence in the main beers consumed in Germany. This herbicide considered probably carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and whose renewal of the marketing authorization, imminent, is currently the subject of a lively debate in Brussels." UFC QUE CHOISIR 29/06/2016

Oslo IPA, kampen is the district, kveike is the native Norwegian yeast

The glyphosate more dangerous in combination?

On June 20, 2016, the Anses (Agence nationale de safety of food, environment and work) announced its intention to and work) announced its intention to withdraw 132 plant protection 132 plant protection products combining glyphosate with a co-formulant: POE-Tallowamine. The Agency stated that it had identified a "point of concern regarding the presence of this molecule supposed to amplify the activity of the activity of herbicides in preparations based on glyphosate. glyphosate-based preparations. The agency, which states that "unacceptable risks unacceptable risks, including for human health, can not be excluded for these products unacceptable risks, particularly for human health, cannot be ruled out for these products", the agency informed in April companies marketing these herbicides of its intention to withdraw proceed to their withdrawal from the market. These products should probably disappear from the shelves within 3 months and will no longer be be used by individuals from December 31, 2016. December 31, 2016.

Does beer make you fat?

The problem with beer is the bubbles that The problem with beer is the bubbles that excite the stomach and make you feel hungry all the time. This is what you eat after over-consumption of beer. beer consumption.



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