Obesity: the new scourge

Obesityfigures: 1.4 billion people aged 20 and over are overweight worldwide (source WHO).

 Obesity is defined as being overweight for a given stature due to increased body fat. This definition is based on the measurement of thebody mass index. Based on this indicator, theWorld Health Organization (WHO) has defined thresholds of overweight corresponding to a BMI between 25 and 30 kg/m2, obesity corresponding to a BMI between 30 and 40, and morbid obesity when the BMI exceeds 40.


My opinion on the drivers of obesity in the world

1. Coca-Cola contains about the equivalent of eight lumps of sugar per can. It is a worldwide phenomenon: Coca-Cola has replaced water during a meal. Scandinavians, Asians, Americans, Europeans, the whole planet is affected.

2. The hamburger is the most eaten sandwich in the world. The white bread looks like sugar (see article "Sugar"), the sauces, often industrial, are also sweetened and full of additives, the cheeses are tasteless and industrial, often coming from animals fed with antibiotics. Finally, this sandwich is very fatty.


3. Chips bathed in poor quality oil.

The preparation time for real fries consists of three 'cooks'. The fries are dipped once, "blanched", but they are raw. They are taken out, and a rest period is required. Then they are cooked at the same temperature. A rest period is also required. Finally, the temperature of the oil is increased and they are browned. My advice: beef fat is the best oil for fries. It is vital to use paper to blot up the fat at the end of the cooking process. Unfortunately, the big fast-food brands only cook one thing and trivialise this wonderful food into a tasteless and very, very salty snack.

4. Sugar, the darling of the agro-industry, is omnipresent in prepared meals, sushi and cold cuts. It is a flavor enhancer. The bitterness, this divine sensation of quality, is banished from the general public. In Toxic (Flammarion 2007), William Reymond explains that in the 1980s, corn syrup supplanted sugar. When you eat too much white sugar, your body protects itself by vomiting. When it is in the presence of corn sugar, it does not vomit.

5. Beer

Beer is high in calories. It has a nutritional value of about 40 kcal/100 g, which is equivalent to soft drinks. This is not necessarily a lot, but the problem is that these are empty calories, with no nutritional benefits. In addition, beer tends to be drunk very easily and quickly, and the calorie counter quickly explodes.


The reasons for obesity

1. City dwellers get used to using public transport, while villagers use cars. As a result, most of the world is forgetting about walking, which is an indispensable tool against this scourge.

2. When people drink a lot on weekends, but to an unbelievable degree, the few days of withdrawal are difficult. This lack is filled by the absorption of very sweet sodas.

My advice is to drink less at the weekend, and one glass of wine a day with a meal.

We drink to get drunk and get into a state of mind to forget our stress and problems. Food and wine matching is a cognitive tool. In my opinion, artisanal wine consumed sparingly and healthy food without sugar or fat are anti-obesity tools.

 3. Beer makes the stomach swell. Because of the presence of carbon dioxide, beer tends to make the stomach swell and distend. (In Oslo, after midnight, fast-food restaurants are crowded with alcohol- and often beer-soaked revelers). Drinking beer also promotes fermentation and the release of gas during digestion, which usually results in unpleasant feelings of bloating.

4. Breakfast. Important for many, decried by some, it may be the trigger for sugar addiction from an early age if :

- the cereals taken are too sweet: a famous brand has 40/100 of sugar;

- the chocolate drink taken is too sweet;

- the white bread is covered with jam.

More and more professionals are advocating the elimination of breakfast. To be continued.


Nota bene :

Sugar, alcohol, sex and even sports are regularly over-consumed and become principles of compensation. Depending on the person, some people eat sugar or drink alcohol to forget or compensate for a difficult life situation. Taken daily and like a drug, the body can become dependent on these compensation reflexes.

About the minced steak :

William Reymond's book, Toxic (Flammarion 2007), begins with the death of a child due to a bacterium from a ground steak. Moreover, the traceability of ground meat is difficult, the meat is ground, we never really know its origin.

https://observatoire-des-aliments.fr/sante/steack-hache-le-risque-des-bacteries http://www.wikistrike.com/2014/12/le-chef-hamburger-jamie-oliver-proves-mcdonalds-burgers-are-impure-to-eat.html https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraude_à_la_viande_de_cheval_de_2013

About the sport :

Still in Toxic, by William Reymond, an experiment was conducted: obese people practiced sports for several months while eating junk food. As a result, their weight did not change. Sport does not make you lose weight, it is the change of daily food associated with sport that will decrease your weight.


Whether they are from Vietnam, Norway or the USA, my body cries tears of compassion and empathy when I notice a young girl with an angelic face and extra pounds. Usually, their enemy is in their bag. Small in stature, dark in colour, their red banner covers the football stadiums. Under a hypocritical guise of love, the freedom of the child has supplanted parental education, which is the essential basis of any civilisation. The basic cognitive tool: healthy food has been ousted by junk food that enriches industrialists. Obesity is a new weapon of mass destruction, and every parent must take responsibility for telling their child: "No, darling, it's not good for your health".


What to do to lose weight?

Pro Ranking

No more hamburgers, no more beer, no more pizza, no more sodas, no more industrial sauces, no more industrial breakfast cereals, but organic or Norwegian raw vegetables and homemade meals... Drinking ginger water will burn your fat, walking for an hour a day and doing fifteen minutes of gymnastics a day will give you a boost.


Jean Charles Botte

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