Meditation or the art of breathing

The first thing we forget to practice thoroughly is breathing. The cells in our body need a lot of air. Lack of it leads to stress.

In our society, the speed of life makes us forget the human reflex to savour the moment and take a breath of oxygen. Walking in nature, breathing while watching the sunset, these moments are very precious for everyone.


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Belly breathing

"This is the natural breathing of the human being. The one we breathed with for the first time: abdominal breathing. Babies breathe through their stomachs without question, children too. As for adults... Under stress, breathing changes completely. We then "pump" with our shoulders, the chest rises while the belly remains tense, without movement.

To find out where you stand with your breathing and thus your relationship to stress, observe yourself breathing in a mirror. When the body is calm and the mind is at ease, the shoulders do not move, or move only slightly. Chest movements are discreet. Under stress, the shoulders move clearly (they pump), the chest beats the rhythm, as for the belly... nothing. This part of your body remains closed, hermetically sealed to the breath of air, which installs cortisol, the stress hormone.


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"In Buddhism, 'meditation' means 'getting used to' or 'cultivating'. Meditation is about becoming familiar with a new way of being, managing one's thoughts and perceiving the world."


It also allows you to become aware of the present, to activate your whole body and to gain confidence. How does it work? No idea on the process. Matthieu Ricard, a scientist, has shown that by practising meditation every day, cell ageing slows down. The proof is simple. In a report published last year on the benefits of meditation, Matthieu Ricard appears to be 60 years old , yet he is 70.

In addition

"Current research indicates, for example, that brain activity in subjects meditating on compassion is particularly high in the left prefrontal lobe, a region of the brain linked to positive emotions. Compassion, caring for the well-being of others, is therefore associated with other positive emotions such as joy and enthusiasm. In addition, the areas involved in planning movements and mothering are also strongly stimulated. For contemplatives, this is not surprising, as compassion generates an attitude of complete availability that allows action to be taken.



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Meditation with the chakras

Discovered thanks to Jean-Michel Homo, you must concentrate on one of your chakras. The easiest way is to start with the heart chakra. I imagine a light coming out of my open chest. My hands gain energy, I am completely relaxed. After a good session, I empty myself in the toilet.


Spinal breathing

Again with Jean-Michel Homo, you concentrate on your back while meditating. The aim is to awaken the kundalini, but also to stimulate the psychic channels that go from the root chakra to the coronal chakra. A first breath: you imagine that your breath goes up the spine, from the root chakra to the coronal chakra.

A first exhalation: you imagine your breath going down the spine, from the coronal chakra to the root chakra.

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De-stressing with the breath

Before an appointment or before going to bed, breathe in through your stomach for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and breathe out for 5 seconds. Repeat several times, your stress will decrease.

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Meditation opens and aligns your chakras. Therefore;

  • you will be more relaxed
  • you will be in the process of letting go
  • you will be more grounded
  • you will be in the present
  • you will develop your third eye and thus be more intuitive.
  • Vibration of the body: it is a symbiosis, a connection between your chakras and your aura. That's when the attraction starts and you can ask the guides and creators what do you want : new job, money etc... And it works.
  • There are two kinds of meditations:

    - Restorative: you unblock or cleanse your chakras. This meditation will certainly put you to sleep.

    - Evolving: you progress in spirituality, in vibration. Your prayers and requests will be answered. You also improve your intuition (a new look is offered to you: do not be afraid).

  • For all psychics, empaths and healers, meditation is essential. Indeed, it manages the energy and ventilates it in the whole body.

  • When you are experienced in meditation. Your body will vibrate, and for men, an extraordinary sensation will invade your feet like an orgasm.

Two examples of prayer:

"I ask the universe to put on my life path those people who are looking for exactly what I have to offer.

"I ask the creators to protect the following people (and you say their names)


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