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"This writing is not a criticism or a judgment, but a cry of alarm and a reality. I myself was a zombie because of the French competitive education that trains you to be the fighting dead. My move to Norway was an extraordinary trigger. This culture allowed me to question myself and to recognize my mistakes. A great rebirth... "

Many films and series are about it speak about it: The Revenants, Z Nation, Death Valley, The Walking Dead, etc.

In an interview for the film Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright explain that many people are already zombies in their eyes. Indeed, they live like automatons who do not think. The first sequence of the film shows the crowded bus where no one talks to each other, where communication does not exist and where no one smiles. This remark and these images remained in my memory.


1/ Experiences :

In Paris, before I left for Norway, I was waiting for the bus, which was late. We entered the bus, packed like sardines. My neighbours were old, stressed, aggressive, unpleasant and rude people. A little further on, the driver ordered us to get off and change vehicles. It felt like the end of the world, my feet were trampled, and I was caned involuntarily in the calves. This cohort of "zombies" rushed into the second overcrowded bus. Ulcers at this unbelievable sequence, I remained speechless... No words came out, I was stunned by the extent of human stupidity. Two of us stayed at the station waiting for the next bus, which arrived only a minute later. The other person then said: "People are crazy. Why didn't they think for a moment to see that a second bus was coming, and that it was completely empty?

A few years ago, in Paris, everyone was reading a book. everyone was reading a book. Now, everyone looks at their screen. More and more, I see people with backpacks and headphones. They are "weapons of mass destruction of politeness and art of living. The assailant living in his bubble bubble of music overlooks the other and often inadvertently hits them with the other and often inadvertently hits him with the bag. Politeness, civility and the art of living are outrageously humiliated, mocked and struck down. Individualistic earpieces individualistic earpieces are definitely pushing politeness into the deepest of unconsciousness where souls are lost of humanism and love.

In my profession, restaurant as sommelier, it is important to think about the organization. The consequences can be dramatic: you can miss a service and tire yourself out for nothing. For decades, both in France than in Norway, students are employed in the restoration. Many of them learn by heart, like chickens that peck, without using their brains (1). The intelligence is not a matter of instruction, but of using our minds. One of the most annoying examples I've ever had in France, she is a 23-year-old girl speaking 5 languages, high school diploma , who made 5 trips from the table to the kitchen to bring 5 different things she needed to serve her guests. 

I remember when I started, I also made mistakes, like everyone else. But not to this But not to this extent. I'm not blaming the girl, but the system. As a logical consequence, questions arise in my mind my mind:

Woman Lying on Tree Near Awter

2/ Are we educated not to think, but to follow?

I remember my first thought when I was a young student in restaurant: "I was not given shown. "Indeed, the reflex of thinking with the brain is in neutral. During our childhood and education, no one teaches us to think and feel alone.

- Take the time to look around you: those who rise to the highest positions (in France) are often followers and not thoughtful people. The proof: our poor France is riddled with debt. The worst example is our capital, with 7 billion in debt and a deplorable image(Valeurs actuelles, March 2019). In my lifetime, many examples have come from large companies where rookie mistakes were made by people graduating from top schools in high positions. I can't cite my sources, but it's just amazing. This sentence from Dany Boon during one of his shows (French comedian) " They do great studies to do great bullshit" , sounds so true!

Bowing, a sign of servility - Interpretation/Signification of dreams - painting ©Rafal Olbinski - 1943
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Now, here is a positive example of resourceful people taking advantage of human stupidity. During my military service, a staff sergeant explained to me that the Americans were formatted for consumption. Indeed, when we went to Baden-Baden in 1990, the French corporals were looking in American garbage cans and holes (posts of combat) made by their soldiers, and found lamps new torches, new excavators, glasses, and even unused boxers still in their packaging... What were our resourceful little Frenchmen? They would get it all back and were selling it. Then this sergeant was a "big mouth", I was under his command, and he had instructed me during a months. When he learned that I was being transferred to another company, he went into the captain's house grumbling. Result, sound imposed an unwelcome mutation on him. I saw him again for six months. later in my new assignment at the Officers' Mess. He's got me told of his last night outing where he unleashed. On site, they repaired the AMX-10. He confided to me: "The Americans don't know how to do that, when they're out of order, they are waiting for the convenience stores. "» (2)

Another authentic fact experienced both in Norway and France: waiters often came to work "with their faces up their ass", not for having a good time, as I did when I was young, but after live video game battles until 7 a.m. I once said to a colleague:"My game, when i was young , was the clitoris. "A few months later, he comes back to see me after his trip to Japan and informs me:"I played your game, you're right, it's better than the video game. "Indeed, these video games (like series platforms) are a sex killer: read "Sexuality".

My stories make you smile, but it is the sad reality. Our world is making us stupid and dehumanising our lives dehumanises our lives through the use of :

- the mobile phone: it's everyone's new It is everyone's new security blanket. You are allowed to have one... but not to be on it 100%. It no longer connects people people and makes us self-centred and anti-empathetic;

- video games (3): they don't make us smart intelligent, but followers. And they introduce us to war;

- of television: the one of yesteryear is incomparable with the one of now. Before, we used to think with "36 candles" or "Apostrophes (programs of Jacques Chancel and Bernard Pivot). Now, everything is made to consume. We are numbers for these televisions ("Our job is to sell Coca-Cola some time of available human brain", https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Le_Lay). Then, watch a soccer talk show (in France), it is often a playground where the often a playground from which benevolence and empathy have been empathy has been banished. Very paradoxically, television teaches us not to listen to each other anymore...

- the backpack or the suitcase on wheels: both instruments dehumanise the human being. With them, we no longer think about the other. Yet thinking about the other is a source of happiness, love, benevolence and empathy... Never forgiveness, no politeness... A day of departures in a Parisian station station during the holidays, it can be very dangerous for your ankles... your ankles...

- selfish music from headphones: it allows people to stay in "their world" and not to confront "their problems" or "their responsibilities". This society is increasingly disempowering people.

Woman Walking on Pathway While Strolling Luggage

3/How to avoid becoming the living dead?

- Do not eat industrial food, but eat living food and and cook your own food. Golda Meir used to have her political meetings meetings while cooking, it helped her to think(A Woman Called Golda, biographical film from 1982).

- – Do not drink pee beer or wine standardised. When I drink a living wine called spiritual (natural and organic wine), I only drink it never gets tired, because my brain is always looking for aromas that change all the time. You can drink wine, but with responsibility and moderation.

- Forget the calculator, do your calculations by hand by hand or mentally.

- When you take your suitcase on wheels, be aware of others.

- Smile and say hello... smiling makes everyone nice and everyone pleasant and all women beautiful...

- Do a daily meditation that builds self-confidence. self-confidence.

- Organisation and communication. This pair, in every situation, will situation, will stimulate the functioning of your mind, whether you are at work whether you are at work, alone or with your family. They will always make you you to think.

- Walking or running in nature without headphones in your ears allows you to think, to face situations head on without running away.

Forest Photography

In addition, school is essential to learn to read, count and write. Good teachers and teachers and supervisors taught me to react and think differently. and to think differently. However, today's school (especially in France) is becoming a factory of followers, of the living dead. They don't think, they learn by rote. They no longer think, they learn by rote. Memory and competitive education education are emphasised...

I didn't go to college, and I don't regret it. My writing style is honest and playful. When I see the grammar and spelling mistakes of people with a high school diploma, I conclude that school doesn't teach anything anymore. In elementary school, I discovered that "this" is demonstrative, and that "his" is possessive. Then, Latin is important for sentence construction. One day, I was invited to the home of an Alsatian winemaker. His three children were in the Steiner school, and all three were very bright. I think these schools are different. But they are very controversial in France. Maybe the fact that they don't produce zombies is disturbing? In Norway, this type of school is more numerous than in France. 

In conclusion, who feeds the matrix of the great global trusts? The people who are hypnotised by by consumption through the media and television. Some companies are worth billions. The strength of the human being is self-criticism is self-criticism, the recognition of mistakes, but also working on oneself. but also work on ourselves. Our inner enemies are our mind, but also our ego. but also our ego. Don't be afraid to be yourself and not an not a semblance of yourself that blends in with the crowd for fear of the gaze of others. others.

If you recognize yourself in this writing, put aside your ego, your frustrations, your wounds... and rebuild yourself... Forgive those who have offended you, and change your habits that parasitize you without you knowing it. We all hold our destiny in our hands and we all have the choice to change it.

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1. This remark - " vous learn like chickens who is eating " - comes from Mr. Legendre, professor of mathematics, who was a real teacher....

2. There were 4 sections according to intellectual level. According to the non-commissioned officers who commanded us at the time the first section, that of the academics and other intellectuals, was not intellectuals, was not cohesive, but mostly egocentric egocentric, whereas in the second and third sections, everyone everyone stood together and helped each other. For example, I remember I remember holding an ironing class at midnight.

3. In the last scene of the film, the hero has his zombie best friend in his garden, who continues to play the video game all day (laughs). Did the film makers want to show that you don't need a brain to play video games? 

4 the picture of the barcode comes from the website : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/547257792199840178/

Albert Jacquard a great French philosopher and humanist.

5/Quotesand reflections:

(Author's note: Are these first two quotes true? We have tried to verify their origins. They are unverifiable, but in any case, in my opinion, they are topical and very relevant ).

Unknown author: " i think that the day the technology goes beyond our minds, the world will have a generation of idiots. »

Author Unknown: "Maybe if we tell people that their brain is an app, they'll start using it."

Boris Cyrulnik:

"No computer or No computers or tablets until 6 years old. If children look good in front of a screen, it is because they are screen, it's because they are mesmerised, hypnotised. But But this fascination implies a loss of relationships. Not only do they not only do they not learn anything, but it leads to impaired empathy and developmental disorders. 

Laurent Bonfiglio , Plus belle la vigne store, Marseille, for GlobalGeoNews :

" drink natural wine is to get out of this lethargy into which a system plunges us so well oiled for decades (although...). No more rely on the knowledge of another, often an impostor, but rely on make your own opinion and organize your life around what makes sense for oneself. It's finally saying no to the very powerful lobby of the agri-food industry and an obvious complicity of institutions, opt for a healthier, more digestible drink, the result of an agriculture that is more respectful of nature and its rhythm. »

J'accuse l'economy triumphantby Albert Jacquard:

"The dignity of man is to take his future into his own hands, to choose. Today, more than ever more than ever before in our history, we are faced with a fork in the road. on the one hand, the easy path of domination by a few over the domination of the few over the many - a society that is fundamentally a society that is basically slave-like, efficient, orderly, but where almost all men will live without hope - on the other, the steep, perilous path of a search for equality between all members of the species, the never-finished construction of a society of a society where all men will feel at home everywhere on the earth of men.

Barbarity or democracy, we must decide today.

"No, man does not descend from the monkey...he rather descends from the sheep" song J'accuse by Damien Saez

Albert Jacquard:

"The current collective morality us to believe that the important thing is to win, to fight, to win. others, to fight, to win. We are in a competitive society. We are in a competitive society, but a winner is a maker of losers. We need to rebuild a human society where competition is eliminated. I don't have to be stronger than the other. I have to be stronger I have to be stronger than me... because of the other.

Jc Zen:

" The education of taste sublimates the refinement of the being and establishes a deep awakening on the knowledge of self, others and life. Drinking and eating is no longer a reflex act of survival, but an art of living that enhances our personality and health. In our time more than ever, it is a vote that determines our health, but also the sustainability or collapse of large trusts. But few people are aware of it...  "

Michel Onfray banned from RT France on 5 June 2019 (ten minutes):

"There are low-key deaths with capitalism. All the crap we ingest, eat, digest. eat, digest. They make cancers. All the people people who kill themselves, people who are (with antidepressants and antidepressants and anxiolytics) are the living dead..... We could redo a theory of almost invisible destruction. .... The tyranny is tyranny is invisible, but it is there.


We need to relearn how to :

"having a good time without alcohol;

- talking to each other without a phone ;

- getting high without drugs;

- smile without taking selfies;

- love each other unconditionally.


Boris Cyrulnik: the father of resilience...a great man

Monique Pinçon-Charlot programme Interdit d'interdire July 2019.

"Humanity is in danger, we are destroying the citizen and creating the consumer, a consumer does not rebel, because he has no more ideas and asks only to consume.

Alain Damasio science fiction author Thinkinterview 11 April 2019

"The more it's a society individualised, the more fragile you are, the more vulnerable you are you're going to use the technological tools to protect yourself, to to filter communities for example.... you conjure up a whole set of you conjure up a whole set of otherness in relation to the outside to remain in a sphere that will reassure you and ward off a whole set of fears of anxieties that you have, but which is generated by a society hyper-competitive society which means that as an isolated particle and not connected to the natural connected to the natural community, we tend to use techno to protect ourselves.

"This overprotection of the computer tool and this sphere not connected to the natural community, which Alain Damasio develops, softens two important bases of the human being: the tempered character and self-confidence which are indispensable in this life. It turns him into an ultra-shy person who can be terrorised by the slightest outside approach that does not conform to his bubble. Just saying hello can destabilise her, I have had several cases in the restaurant where I work. Shyness in general is not a defect. By working on oneself, one acquires more self-confidence, but also maturity, the result is obvious: shyness can be tamed (I am the proof). But it can turn into a psychological flaw or even a phobia. And this kind of person, addicted to mobile phones and messengers, will never rebel, and has become a zombie without noticing it. Jczen July 2019

Hymn to life :

Like the rest of the world, my childlike soul is coming back and telling me to read my mobile phone, whether I'm walking in nature, on the street, or waiting for the bus, plane or tram. This new generation cuddly toy solves your moments of loneliness, doubt and fear, not by strengthening your character, but simply by filling those moments, like a baby who has been given a tute so that it doesn't cry.

My fingers lock it in my bag with a triple turn. My mind is finally free, alert, and whirling in the confines of my brain. On the tram, I can think of my parents, my friends, or admire the beauty of a woman and her smile, or wonder about my latest writings or meditations. In nature, the sound of jays and nightingales or the sound of the waves soothe me, contemplating this spectacle draped with rocks and a multitude of trees. Thus, my escape is complete. New ideas, new writings culminate in my head. My strength, my character evolves in this way... by thinking, by encouraging my brain to work and not to follow. I think, therefore I am... alive.


Jean Charles Botte

"Life has been given to us, our duty is to respect this gift and to be aware that we have responsibilities: not to poison ourselves, not to poison others and to respect all living things. JCzen Living in Norway, trained as a sommelier and cook, my philosophy is to love life. I have been writing about wine for 20 years, about life, about wellness. I am very happy when I receive messages of thanks like this one "Your site helps me a lot". My site does not make me money but if it helps people: I am very happy. I can tell you that daily meditation has changed my life; why not you?

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