Wine as a hero

Wine, when used properly, is a tool against alcoholism, but also for good health. I certainly drink 1 glass to 2 wines a day. But, sometimes, your liver must be put to rest with a one week diet. The wine you drink must be pure with little or no input. In this article, which is an ode to wine, I present a book from 2007: wine diet by Roger Corder. My philosophy is also presented: moderation, education and limits which are the keys to safeguard our youth against this scourge which is alcoholism.

Wine consumption in the world represents only 8%.


Wine: our hero.

The Red Wine Diet, written in 2007, is the title of the book written by Professor Roger Corder (a professional member of the American Heart Association and the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. In the UK he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the Society for Endocrinology and the British Pharmacological Society). This book is for me a wine bible. of the study of the health benefits of regular and moderate (mainly red) consumption.

But also in life should be a bible in France. It should be read in schools and hospitals. It would be a first and fundamental education for our children and colleagues in the fight against alcoholism and junk food. "In his book "Eat, Drink and Live Very Old" (Chapter VI, p. 113), as well as research on the health benefits of wine, the professor recommends that they change their habits to prevent disease.

Roger Corder

Professor Roger Corder author of the book "The wine diet"

Wine yes, but in moderation

"Studies of wine drinkers suggest that two glasses of wine provide the greatest benefit (... reduces the overall risk of cardiovascular disease). "

The Health Effects of Wine

"Regular wine drinkers (one to four glasses per day) had less coronary risk than nondrinkers and irregular drinkers, regardless of the type of alcohol consumed."

The Health Effects of Wine,

The Taride Card published in 1933 contains several pieces of information:

"Wine is the healthiest and most hygienic drink (Pasteur).

Average human life, 59 years for a water drinker, 65 years for a wine drinker.

87% or centenarians are wine drinkers.

Wine is the milk of old people."

The Johann estate in Oregon: this Norwegian works in biodynamic demeter. Very nice discovery.


The difference between wine and alcohol education.

On May 17, 2016 in Norway, after work, I went to two
different places. The first one was a wine bar. Everyone
was happy, respectful but not too drunk... A very nice
moment. The second place was a normal bar. There were
many fights. Why this difference: the first
comes from the education of drinking well. Wine drunk with food
gives you pleasure and joie de vivre. Alcohol drunk in a wild
way, without limits, makes you bitter and aggressive.

A glass of artisanal wine will encourage me to define the aromas in the wine
and will encourage my brain to work. On the other hand, an industrial beer
nicknamed pee by me, or a soda will be more a product of
insipid consumption which will put your taste buds and your neurons to sleep.

In conclusion: I can't say it enough, we all have our lives in our hands, the solution is within us. Education is the key to ensuring that our children do not become alcoholics. And if you have problems with alcohol dependency, if you realise this, it is already a great victory.

"Drinking in moderation and responsibility is proof of a savoir vivre, and this savoir vivre maintains the intelligence and lucidity of the person who practices this philosophy. Jczen 2019 "

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