Their wickedness, their suffering

They rant like robotic machine guns, ordered by their visceral bitterness. Their viciousness surges across the web like a cloud of locusts sucking up all living things. Their heads no longer command. I am sad to read so much virulence, so much omnipotent ranting on the Facebook waves.

Not offended by the "you're wrong" or the "you write like a foot" or the "you don't respect women", my compassion embraces the suffering of these people. Our temporal abrasions, our frustrations, our fears, our remorse close off our clear-sightedness, our objectivity. Our discussions get stuck in the morass of our egocentrism.

"All those who take the sword will perish by the sword. The violence of words never solves the social injustices, the inequalities towards women, nor the ills of our viticulture. I can turn my cheek a second time, but I will never insult these people who are lost in their blind proselytism.

Women are the essence of man, the smile of life, the flame of dawn and they simply represent life. They are forever timeless and immortal in my heart. That is why I want equality between the sexes.

Seen on facebook author unknown : 'Wickedness is the main characteristic of people suffering from a sense of inferiority. They feel compelled to smear any potentially brighter people in their eyes'.

We - men - have made mistakes, but a new era based on respectful education of women is possible. It is everyone's business. Women are equal to men, men are equal to women: it is this foundation that will cement a flourishing future for the woman I love and respect so much. Equality of women and men is my priority, regardless of their skin colour, and regardless of whether they have a different sexuality from me (apart from paedophilia). We are the founders of tomorrow's world, and it will not be built on hate, but on love for each other. At present, our society is based on indifference, egocentrism and competitiveness. Tolerance, open-mindedness, humanism, compassion and mercy are the keystone for a renewal. Social networks are the panacea of the ego, where each person rants about his or her own discomfort. I pray for those who are flayed. Only they can heal themselves of their own wickedness, of their inner suffering. Wickedness disunites human beings, and strengthens the ramparts of our decision-makers who smile and rejoice at this situation. We all have our future in our hands, we still have to accept our mistakes, forgive ourselves, forgive others and work on ourselves.

I recognize two main types of malice

Meanness based on opportunism: it concerns those who want to take the place of the other. This practice is very common in politics.

Meanness based on sourness: it affects both men and women who are unbalanced in their lives and often in their bodies. They are doped by their profession, a passion or a conviction. This is how narcissistic perverts and extremists are born. It is my experience that allows me to define these types of people. But the most important thing to remember is that they can be cured, and all they need to do is to question themselves.

How to deal with nastiness:

  • Self-confidence should be taught in all schools. Badness comes from people who do not have self-confidence.
  • Meditation allows you to work on yourself, on your confidence (by focusing on the root chakra). It also protects you from your sensitivity. You must protect your solar plexus with an imaginary shell. The solar plexus is the chakra in which we accumulate our anger, our personal freedom, our anxiety.
  • Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you
  • Even if they denigrate you, based on your skin colour, gender or sexuality, do not denigrate them. This is the basis of humanism.
  • Pray for your protection and the people who despise you. Each prayer is done after each meditation. (I have lived this experience, it is not just theory.)

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Love always.

My great philosophy.: "Mistakes form experience. Forgiveness forms intelligence"

Jean Charles Botte

"Life has been given to us, our duty is to respect this gift and to be aware that we have responsibilities: not to poison ourselves, not to poison others and to respect all living things. JCzen Living in Norway, trained as a sommelier and cook, my philosophy is to love life. I have been writing about wine for 20 years, about life, about wellness. I am very happy when I receive messages of thanks like this one "Your site helps me a lot". My site does not make me money but if it helps people: I am very happy. I can tell you that daily meditation has changed my life; why not you?

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