Bacon with vegetables

The most important thing is to find a good lard and thanks to Reko St haugsen, I found it(Olav Lind kvåle 3841 flatdal) . Often in the shops there are too many additives and when you cook it, it reduces and gives off water. A good bacon does not reduce when cooked.

This dish uses the same techniques as the vegetarian dish, but with a different and important detail: I cook the potatoes in the melted fat of the bacon.

Real bacon

The ingredients of the farm bacon: Olav's is not too salty and not too smoked. Then potatoes (Norwegian bought at Kolibri kolonial) and vegetables that you choose. I wanted to put parsnips, but I forgot them in the shop, so I put broccoli that I bought on special offer as well as onions and leeks. Most of my products are Norwegian and it is my philosophy to buy from producers. In France, farmers are subject to the power of the supermarkets. This is something I fight. Because I can decide to boycott products. For example, I boycott Lactalis, the biggest milk group in the world. It buys milk cheaply from farmers. The farmers are poor and some of them are committing suicide. I never say it enough, a purchase is a vote.

Heat your pan with the bacon slices
When the bacon is browned, remove it. Add the potatoes.
When the potatoes are golden brown: salt them and add the vegetables.
Baking time 15 minutes 180 degrees.

Make your sauce: you choose your herbs (oregano, chives or coriander). Add olive oil, ginger and garlic. This mixture will spice up your dish. No need for mustard.

Spray the ingredients: ginger, garlic, olive oil and herbs (chives and oregano)

Why add raw vegetables at the end?

Raw is life. Raw food is full of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

What are the benefits of :

Garlic; Prevents heavy metal poisoning. It is important to know that conventional agriculture gives heavy metals in the food.

coriander: against high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and against diabetes

ginger: against cancer, it is also an anti-oxidant

My tips

Do not use a microwave: it kills the nutrients in the food.

Don't drink sodas (especially the ones with the red label) with this kind of recipe. You are killing the recipe.

Use organic food and seasonal vegetables if possible. I only eat tomatoes between June and September in France. Beware of tomato sauce (usually the tomatoes come from China). I don't eat avocados any more, because they have become an ecological disaster in Mexico. Buy local either directly from the producers or from small independent traders.

With this dish, a light red wine or a strong white wine.

For wine(always in moderation); I tried a natural wine from Austria: Blaufrankisch from Meinklang. The wine was light, juicy, semi-potent, with fine tannins. The aftertaste was average, not too complex. It was good, but natural wine is like us, sometimes it is not in shape. I think it will be better in a year. It would be interesting to drink another bottle in a year. A wonderful wine with this dish would be my Giachino Sweet. This wine is French from Savoie. The grape varieties are autochthonous 1/3 Douce noire, 1/3 Persan (Sirazene Pointue), 1/3 Mondeuse (Cotillon des Dames). The wine is semi-powerful, long and precise. The tannins are fine and the retro-olfaction is complex and long. We decanted the wine for an hour: a delight.

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