Halibut meunière style with two roots and herb sauce

Easy recipe, not long. The vegetables are to be prepared in advance.

Wash the Jerusalem artichokes and cook them with the skin on for about 20 minutes.
Peel the parsnips and cook them for about 10 minutes in butter or oil.

Spell out the topinembours, and cut them. Then mix the two roots.
Put the chopped onions, garlic, a little olive oil and the crème fraîche in a bowl. Spray it all on. Then add this sauce to the vegetables.
Cook the halibut in salted butter (do not salt the halibut) for 5 to 8 minutes depending on the size of the fish. Add lemon juice.
I did not add any salt to the halibut or to the vegetables. The vegetables are a bit spicy thanks to the ingredients in the sauce (herbs like oregano and other condiments).

My tips

Do not use a microwave: it kills the nutrients in the food.

Don't drink sodas (especially the ones with the red label) with this kind of recipe. You are killing the recipe.

Use organic food and seasonal vegetables if possible. I only eat tomatoes between June and September in France. Beware of tomato sauce (usually the tomatoes come from China). I don't eat avocados any more, because they have become an ecological disaster in Mexico. Buy local either directly from the producers or from small independent traders.

A true beurre meunière is: melt (heat) the butter. The colour should be hazelnut, not yellow or black. Add the lemon juice. While cooking my halibut, I added the lemon juice. Technically: this is not a beurre meunière.

The health benefits of oregano

Oregano is rich in tannins and anti-inflammatory phenols, it relieves migraines, dental pain and reduces premenstrual syndromes.

The French Drug Agency recognizes the effectiveness of oregano in the symptomatic treatment of digestive disorders such as epigastric bloating, slow digestion, flatulence but also during acute benign bronchial diseases. The antibacterial properties of oregano and its essential oil have been demonstrated on the bacteria Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes. The essential oil is also effective against several intestinal parasites.

The white wine should be dry, semi-potent like a muscadet, a riesling (not too powerful) or a sylvaner. I drank a Claus Pressinger pet nat that was a bit powerful.

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