The Virus and ME

I dedicate this article to the victims of this pandemic.

The first time I recorded a video on this article, my tongue got stuck. Instead of saying the virus and me, I listed: the king and me, certainly after having seen a magnificent document on Yul Bruner. This new king has dethroned the wars and cancers that are less talked about in the media. And yet the number of victims is low compared to other scourges of society such as cancer or malnutrition. This king rules us, confines us, stings us and enslaves us through fear. This king without a crown generates a second virus: the hatred of the other. The human bullshit invades us, annihilates humanism and tolerance. The vaccinated criticize the unvaccinated and vice versa.

My Covid experience:

I am not vaccinated and I had the covid. After my positive test, I received a phone call and a person asked me about my health status. For the moment, in Norway where humanism and benevolence are present, in this country still free, the health pass does not exist yet. 

The healer provides a lot of relief.

Covid is the enemy of our energy and our chakras:

It was 6:45 pm my stomach felt like a tsunami and my head was screaming its headache. My first reflex was to call a fellow healer. She performed a remote treatment. You may be puzzled, but at midnight my stomach and headaches disappeared. For a week, doped with vitamins C and D, and thanks to zinc, I lived. It was impossible to concentrate and I slept a lot. The fever stopped after the fifth day. For a week, my appetite was interrupted but the taste was still there. I only allowed myself some raw ham and a little soup. The following Friday, my nose looked like Niagara Falls. The honey spread in my nose stopped my bleeding. Indeed, honey heals small wounds. The next day, my body asked me for protids such as red meat. When you meditate as I do, the insights help you a lot. The hunter's instinct overcame my gatherer's side. My body was telling me to get my strength back. Vegetables are fine, but in my condition red meat was a necessity. On the other hand, my breathing was working normally, but my heart chakra was completely blocked. Our chakras are sensitive to emotional shocks like stress, sadness or frustration. But this is the first time in my life that I feel an illness that blocks so much energy as well as the chakras. The second chakra attacked by the disease is the sacred one which is at the same time the one of taste, desire and sexuality. The taste was present but not the one of eating, my desires to elaborate an activity were non-existent and my libido non-existent during one week.

A healthy diet with wine but always in moderation.

Natural solutions that relieve :

In short, I was very tired for 6 weeks. When you have covid, the first quality is patience. I advise you to meditate, listen to music and watch intelligent things on TV to pass the time. Reading was a difficult thing for the first two weeks.

My stomach was often blocked. I decided to drink apple juice with ginger as well as infusions of wormwood leaves, but also hemp oil. Wormwood infusions must be drunk sparingly, and one must also be aware of their contraindications. The colloidal silver was the most effective for my stomach. Three days after the first intake, my stomach was back to its normal state, without tension. Honey and turmeric together form a powerful anti-biotic. 

Learn about simple, natural medicines that are for everyone.

Immunity: an essential forgotten role:

 In short, you are flat. After 4 weeks, I visited a Norwegian healer who unlocked my energies. I was more energetic, even if sometimes my belly was a bit tense. Many others have nosebleeds. Indeed, this virus weakens us and irritates our nose. Remember to clean yourself with salt water at 25 degrees. At the beginning, it is a bit rough but this method is very effective. In order for my nose not to be too dry, before going to sleep, I put a trickle of olive oil in my nose.

The immunity of our bodies has been omitted from the debate because it does not make money, whereas vaccines are very lucrative... My doctor told me "you don't need a vaccine because your body has developed its own defenses". Pure, living food restores the body, hence the word "restaurant". Junk foods, industrial sodas, GMO foods or foods full of chemicals are our enemies. In short, illness exists, we must accept that we can be sick. Our body is similar to a mechanical device. If your body is flat, eating healthy food and walking outside will encourage it to develop its energies. A healer or a magnetizer will not heal you but will help you to relieve yourself and to open the closed chakras by unblocking your energies.

Our creators have thought of everything, I say creators because I respect all religions. Telluric places like some old stones (an old church for example) or trees will recharge you and can open your chakras. About telluric, this word comes from the Latin "Tellus, telluris" earth in Latin: which comes from the earth. We are soaked in energy and energy is an important source that is omitted by decision makers. The vibration of music can also open the chakras. The energetic life exists, so let's take advantage of it.

This photo seen on FB Bansky speaks for itself.

Medicine and Laboratory:

Then, I think that both medicines, the current one and the ancient one, are complementary. Grandma's recipes are also useful. I am in favor of a vaccine but a controlled vaccine without aliminium and other poisons, which does not enrich the pharmaceutical laboratories. I think of a winegrower in Champagne who, in the 70's, was like everyone else, curious to use synthetic chemicals. After a spraying, eczema appeared on his body. He went to the doctor, who gave him an ointment. He found out that the manufacturer of the medicine was the same as the manufacturer of the chemicals. He decided to give up everything and to become an organic winemaker in 1970. For vaccines, I am also for the choice of every person and his respect. This is the basic principle of human rights. Vaccines help fragile people, like a friend of mine who told me that the vaccine boosted her. But as my Norwegian doctor says, "by having had the Coronavirus, your body has developed its own antibodies, you don't need a vaccine". That Macron says he wants to piss off the non-vaccinated is a shame: he forgets human rights and that France is a democracy.

Seen on FB: "Let's vaccinate the most fragile and let the virus circulate for the others" Doctor Martin Blachier tribune JDD June 2021


Thanks to Norway, I worked on myself, rectified some of my flaws and learned to live to live and not live to work and consume. Norwegians have a rule: the ⅜. 8 hours to sleep, 8 to work and 8 hours to enjoy life. In France, we are raised as little soldiers to feed the matrix of consumption. In short, since my expatriation, I have changed my life.

As I said before, this virus reactivates another virus, that of hatred between human beings and destroys humanism. This is not acceptable. The more the people will be divided, the more the oligarchs will rub their hands. This is the principle of divide and conquer. We have the power to decide thanks to our numbers. One person is not enough, but there is strength in numbers. Then, let's remain benevolent and empathetic with others and respect each other's choice. We all have our future in our hands and our purchases are a vote. The latter is a power: Let's never forget that!!!!

Initially about 200 people, later many more.

My choices:


 I am against:

  • Vaccine passes and corona passes: this is simply a dictatorship.
  • Vaccination of children for covid *

I'm for:

  • I am in favor of a vaccine without aluminum and other substances that are dangerous for humans. This vaccine would be given to the most fragile.
  • I'm all for looking for immunity in fit people. Immunity has been forgotten in the corona virus debate.
  • I am in favor of humanistic and empathetic television debates (especially in France)
  • I am in favor of 10 minutes of meditation in schools at the beginning of classes to relax the students and give them confidence.
  • I am in favor of tightening the rules for laboratories so that there are no conflicts of interest.

Author's note: I m not english. I hope it is good for you to understand my version.

I am not anti-vaccine. When I was a child I received two or three vaccines, that was enough. In France now, 11 vaccines are mandatory for children. For me, this is too many. I am against the enrichment of laboratories with additives such as aliminium and others. Let's teach children to eat healthy without sugary sodas !!!! Thus, they will protect themselves.

 "Let your food be your first medicine". Hippocrates

The second part:


Jean Charles Botte

"Life has been given to us, our duty is to respect this gift and to be aware that we have responsibilities: not to poison ourselves, not to poison others and to respect all living things. JCzen Living in Norway, trained as a sommelier and cook, my philosophy is to love life. I have been writing about wine for 20 years, about life, about wellness. I am very happy when I receive messages of thanks like this one "Your site helps me a lot". My site does not make me money but if it helps people: I am very happy. I can tell you that daily meditation has changed my life; why not you?

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