Here is the list of topics I can cover in a conference. It is diverse and varied.

I can also travel abroad. I speak French, English and Norwegian.

1/Alcohol: my philosophy of drinking well. How to drink well without becoming an alcoholic. Alcoholism in the catering profession? The wounds that lead to alcoholism.

2/ Natural, organic or biodynamic wine. Recognising synthetic and chemical aromas in wine.

3 /Managing a team in a restaurant ? The basics of good management ? Organisation and communication ? The basics of service under pressure? Managing a wine list with or without a sommelier ?

4/Isit possible to change your life? The importance of the chakras and the aura? Attraction and toxic people ? How to gain self-confidence? How to control your fears, your wounds? Meditation.


What are the rules for good sex? What is the difference between men and women? What does a fulfilled sexuality bring?

I will always talk about ego, self-confidence and working on oneself. All with a sense of humour. The lectures are for everyone, but especially for people between 18 and 20 years old. Schools are welcome.


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